Frequently Asked Questions

Afford Sydney Piano Removalists is the very few geniune full time professional piano removalists in Sydney. When choosing your piano removalists for your piano move, its important that you conduct du diligent to ensure you don't end up with a removalist don't show up on the day, have their phone turned off at the time you expect them to show up, or bang up your furniture while moving your piano. Following you will some of the questions that you may want to ask.

Absolutely, we have over 20 years of moving pianos in Sydney, Central Coast and all neighboring suburbs.

If it's just 1 or 2 items, we are happy to help, but if it's entire unit or house, we do apologize that we won't be able to help. Why ? Because our truck and tools equipped is very different from a generaly furniture removalist truck, besides we generally have 2 or 3 or some time up to 6 pianos in our truck to be dropped off. So moving piano and other heavy items are our only business.

We are of course fully insured, and the quote we provide are inclusive of the insurance, which will protect damage against your piano, or damage against the properties involved. There is no need to make separate arrangement for it.

All pianos are heavy. What happened to you is not uncommon. There are too many general furniture removalists who can't even move a wardrobe properly would claim they can move your piano, or many of them are just a call centre. It's important to make sure you are dealing with a genuine piano removalist. We move pianos every day, 6 days a week.

We are not a one man operator, we always work in a team of 3. All our removalists work for us, we do not subcontract our works.

That must be a superman ! But we are just some very humble piano removalists, we always work in a team of 3 - for the safety of our workers, your piano and your property involved. After all I don't think I want to rely our operation on just one person, unless I'm a one man operation.

Yes we do. All pianos in our storage are properly wrapped, and in case of grand pianos, they are properly placed on a wooden skid, protecting it from any damp.

No we don't, not professionally anyway. The trade of piano removals and piano tuning don't mix, just like a football player and a ballet dancer - imagine that and the reason is obvious ! If you need a proper piano tuning, best place to call is your nearest piano shop, they are the people you should call.

We are able to fit you in with short notice because we are a genuine piano removalist,we have our piano trucks on the road everyday covering major suburbs, we move pianos day in day out. Often we can fit you in same day if we happen to be working in your area.