How to Move Pianos

by yourself or hiring piano movers

How To

Move Piano with and without Piano Movers

Wondering whether to Move Pianos by yourself or better hiring a piano removalist ?

If you're wondering how to move a piano, you've stumbled upon a treasure trove of information. Pianos, with their odd shapes, delicate nature, and surprising heft, present a unique challenge in the moving world. But worry not! Whether you're relocating to a charming suburban residence or navigating the tight turns of a six-floor walk-up, this guide promises to dispel all your piano-moving anxieties.

How to Move a Piano Without hiring Piano Movers

For the brave souls ready to take on the challenge themselves, more power to you! Here's how to ensure your DIY piano move is a success, not a symphony of disasters.

1. Take measurements

Firstly, get those measurements. Knowing the size of your piano and the space you'll need to navigate it through is crucial. Don't forget hallways, doorways, and any other potential bottlenecks.

2. Gather supplies to move your piano

  • Work gloves
  • Heavy-duty tape
  • Plastic wrap or dense cloth/blanket
  • Four-wheel dolly
  • Dolly straps
  • Moving straps
  • Van or truck
  • Ramp
  • Weightlifting straps

You can find these items at most home improvement stores, ensuring your move has the best shot at smooth sailing.

3. Clear the path to move your piano

Clear any obstacles and protect your home (and the piano) from damage. Baby-proof bumpers or extra towels can safeguard against nicks and scratches.

4. Recruit heavy lifters to move your piano

This is a team effort. Assemble a crew of at least four strong friends to share the load. Depending on the piano's size and the move's complexity, you might need more hands on deck.

5. Wrap the piano

Wrap your piano securely, paying special attention to the keyboard lid, pedals, and all sides. Use plenty of padding for protection, whether it's an upright or a grand piano.

6. How to move the piano

Carefully hoist the piano onto the dolly, secure it, and move at a steady, cautious pace. If facing stairs, a ramp will be indispensable. In the truck, secure the piano firmly against the back wall.

Wrapping and Moving Specific Piano Types

Upright Pianos: Wrap the piano as a whole, paying extra attention to securing the keyboard lid and pedals.

Grand Pianos: These require disassembly. Secure the top lid, remove the legs and pedals (keeping the side supported), and wrap each piece thoroughly.

How to Move a Piano With Professional Piano Movers

While there's a certain thrill in tackling a big move on your own, when it comes to pianos, we strongly advocate for bringing in the experts. Why risk the drama of a DIY move when professional piano movers exist for this very reason?

Why Choose Professional Movers?

  • Expertise: Good piano movers come with a specific skill set, licenses, and the all-important insurance. They know pianos inside and out and can navigate tight spaces and tricky moves with precision.
  • Equipment: Expect climate-controlled moving trucks and the right gear to keep your prized instrument in top condition.
  • Peace of Mind: The cost may present a momentary gulp, especially with stairs or long distances in play, but weigh that against the potential mishaps of a self-move - injury, damage, or both - and the investment quickly shows its value.

Remember, every piano and every move is different. The best approach depends on your specific circumstances and needs. If in doubt, leaning on professional piano movers for their expertise can save a lot of stress. But if you're set on moving it yourself, hopefully, this guide serves as a helpful companion on your moving journey.

Remember, saving a few dollars today might not be worth the potential heartache (and backache) tomorrow.

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Unboxing a Grand Piano delivery

✔️ How Much Moving Piano Cost ?

Upright Piano is one of the most popular musical instrument. In terms of size, small Pianos have height under 110cm, medium size upright pianos have height under 127cm, and Pianolos have height above 130cm.

Regardless of their size, all pianos are very heavy. When moving it inside your house, slightest knock or bump can cause significant damage to the instrument, your property or removalists. If handled by in-experienced non-professional general removalists, it's just like driving a piano bull dozer through your house. That is why, before we even lay a hand on your piano, we require detailed information regarding access points, both at pick-up and the piano's ultimate destination.

Factors such as internal/external steps and staircases, width of hallways and doorframes, tight corners and driveways all impact our removal plan. We use this information to formulate a plan for the safe removal of your piano, identifying and planning for any potential problems well in advance of the move. more about piano moving cost ..

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AFFORD Piano Removals We are located in Sydney Inner West and we serve Sydney, Sydney Suburbs, Central Coast, Sutherland, Wollongong, Northern Beaches, Southern Beaches, Eastern Suburb, North Shore, North Sydney and even interstate. Wherever you are going, your piano is in safe hands! We have years of experience moving pianos from all sorts of locations, safely, securely and without damaging your piano, your property or ourselves. Expert planning and execution are the keys to success. Moving a piano without sustaining any damage to your piano, property or our staff requires strength and, above all, know-how.

✰ Stress Free Piano Removals & Storage

Pianos are heavy (the smallest weighs over 200 kg and the largest can be over 410 kg), so moving any type of piano (upright/grand/pianola) needs planning and above all expertise. When moving your piano there are three things that you want to avoid at all costs: damage to the piano, damage to your property and, of course, causing injury to anyone.

In addition to being heavy, pianos are also bulky and when you factor in the dimensions of an average piano, you arrive at a challenging removals proposition.

Our piano removalists are experts at negotiating the tightest corners and know how to deal with any and every type of staircase.

✰ Equipped for All Piano Moving Conditions

AFFORD Piano Removals is one of the experienced piano removalists in Sydney , We assess your piano removal needs in advance of the removals day and our teams are fully-equipped with a comprehensive selection of specialist heavy-duty tools to enable them to handle even the most difficult removals challenges.

Our experienced piano removalists will move your piano to its new home using equipment specifically designed for the job, so your piano will be transported safely from one location to another, giving you complete peace of mind.