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Moving and storing pianos require handling different a normal piece of furniture, they are extremely heavy but delicate inside. Often its part of family heritage with irreplaceable sentimental value. Afford Removals is well established with more than 20 years in this trade. All our removalists are our regular full time workers who have worked for us years. So when comes to moving and storing it, you can trust Afford Sydney Piano Removals, a professional piano removals company for the job.

Upright Piano is one of the most popular musical instrument. In terms of size, small Pianos have height under 110cm, medium size upright pianos have height under 127cm, and Pianolos have height above 130cm. Regardless of their size, all pianos are very heavy. When moving it inside your house, slightest knock or bump can cause significant damage to the instrument, your property or removalists. If handled by in-experienced non-professional general removalists, it's just like driving a piano bull dozer through your house. That is why, before we even lay a hand on your piano, we require detailed information regarding access points, both at pick-up and the piano's ultimate destination. Factors such as internal/external steps and staircases, width of hallways and doorframes, tight corners and driveways all impact our removal plan. We use this information to formulate a plan for the safe removal of your piano, identifying and planning for any potential problems well in advance of the move.